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  1. GOD loves yall and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  2. 6:12 smoke says and thats why you love me, baby to ryder after he comments on smokes figure. i think this is hinting at their secret gay relationship they were hiding the whole time, ryder and smoke seem to have a playful aggressive relationship but deeply care about eachother and love one another at the end of the day. thats most likely why smoke chooses to go all out in the final mission, he was most likely angry at CJ about killing his love interest and so he lost all focus on being tactical and smart. Deep down he knew he was going to die going out like that but he believed he would be reunited with his loved one in the end.

  3. I bet this vid has stupidass comments saying Come back to GTA, Ur vids arent getting as much views when the guy thats writing this is writing it on a GTA vid that has over 1 mil views lol

  4. lol Grove Street arent against drugs… They smoke weed, PCP and shit. They just dont like crack.

  5. Well alot of these clues werent picked up on (the more subtle hints) before the Green Sabre, was partly because I was 15 when the game was released, I wasnt really wired on trying to notice them. I was more into the gameplay at the time than the story. And play it the second time around and laugh how all the signs were right in front of me

  6. Just because WatchMojo did it and everyone else copied it doesnt mean YOU have to do the Special mention just before number 1 cliche bullshit lol just add them to the list

    1. Yes. Because Watchmojo invented the honorable mentions when it comes to making top 10 list. (sarcasm)

  7. Big Smoke betrayed Grove so just he can sell crack lol

  8. That If you can eat your food when everyone else is losing theirs poem is a take-off of the poem If— by Rudyard Kipling

  9. BS big Smoke, blowing smoke, when someone is blowing smoke up your… [+]

  10. This is gold material, great video! Never had this visions besides BS trying to sell crack

  11. If you can eat your food while everybody else is losing theirs and blaming you, you straight homie

    This is Smoke saying that if you can make your money and gain power whilst others lose out because of you, youre completely correct to do so, this just goes to show how self-serving Big smoke really is, he is only ever out for himself and his own interests.

    BS Im talking about the choices, all men face brother, sometimes they see it real, sometimes theres no choice at all.

    CJ you havent changed a bit

    BS Who me? No, Never

    This is about the choices a man has in life, to sacrifice to support others, or to do everything he can to serve his own self interests, Smoke says that there isnt really a choice at all, and the only correct choice is to do whatever benefits himself above that of everyone around him. Smoke saying that hes never changed shows that he has always put himself before the grove and the gang, that hes never been on CJs side and never will be, Smoke is only on Smokes side

  12. The entire mission of drive thru is just one big hint that smoke will betray you because at the beginning hes questioning sweets leader ship and doesnt respect him, and him basically telling ryder to shut up when hes talking too much about the act, and of course theres the popular theory that big smoke makes his order so big just to buy time for the ballas to come, then he doesnt shoot them obviously, and when smoke says when you eat your food while everybody is losing theres and blaming you, you straight dog its referring to smokes greed, a key factor of why he betrayed ( theres also the poem smoke makes that talks about him having no choice but thats not in the mission ) then finally smoke lives in idolwood which besides east los Santos, is the 2nd area in the game that is populated by the most ballas

  13. Hm, never really thought about it that way. I always thought(At first) the reason C.R.A.S.H came by Smoke’s house was because they were harassing him like they did with CJ. Tho now that you played the clips where Smoke got all defensive when ever they leave his house…damn, that went over my head and I beat this game 3 times. Maybe I’m stupid or Smoke and Ryder are just too likable that I want to see the best in them despite knowing that they’re gonna stab us in the back. I also didn’t realize that smoke was trying to push crack either! Damn, I need to pay attention more!

  14. When i was little i think i witnessed a easter egg.I was at the Countryside and was driving my car and heard an interview big smoke was in on the radio and the lady asked him bunch of bs about ballas and CJ said SHIT U FUCKING BETRAYER or sum like that.

  15. Also smoke was randomly in cjs house, and when cj was looking at his moms picture, here comes smoke charging cj like he was protecting the house to gain more trust.

  16. I love these videos because I never realized any of this with Big Smoke. Shoot CJ didn’t even realize these hints!

  17. Thank you everyone for the support on this video. It means alot to me. I didnt expect this video to blow up this much and I am very grateful to everyone for their support. If you guys enjoyed my big smoke video then please check out my San Andreas playlist. I played through the whole game recently and I also did some more San Andreas top 5s.

    1. I subbed your channel…i hope one day my channel will be as awesome as you👍

    2. @TheProfessional 13:04

      theres also the phrase blowing smoke which means to deceive

    3. Thankyou algorithm for recomending this random af video to me

    4. Awesome video man gtasa is my favourite game of all time its cool to see people still rocking with it

    5. 1.2M views on 17 year old game, now that is something

  18. If You guys see in the russians mission When u are on the bike Big Smokes stops on the middle of the Road with a lot of enemies shooting CJ, I think he was trying to kill CJ waiting for a Bullet of the Russians to kill Cajbut CJ killed all of them then the mission continues.

  19. Also fuck me i havent even played gta sa when i watched this

  20. it wouldve been cool if rockstar added a easteregg where we could see a cop car leaving big smokes house if we went by sometimes

  21. And then, when compared to Ryder’s attitude and his missions, you’ll realized that his betrayal makes no sense. I think it has something to do with the voice actor getting fired before completing his story, so they cut Ryder loose halfway.

  22. GUYS! Why is no one talking about how Smokes House is LITERALLY in ballas territory and they never Attacked him. Bruh

  23. Also in cut throat deal OG loc says “Smokes gonna deal with you Carl” when he was on the go cart

  24. When you was getting the guns from Emmet CJ said “at least you never changed” and Smoke said “Who me? Never that baby” only reason it’s weird cause he said who me and y’all are the only two in the car

  25. Gta SA story is having a Plot holes cause that ryder problme but The story is like maze that even until 1.8 Decades later there is something that we can talk about

  26. Nice try man but i gotta inform Ryder also betrayed cj. But he does not work with big smoke. Cj also killed Ryder.

  27. thats why the train is so hard to follow, they make you hear that conversation a lot to make you numb to it lol

  28. You know the worst thing about betrayal

    It doesn’t come from your enemies 🥲

  29. Wow…I played this game for hundreds of hours and never got to this part of the storyline, I had no fucking idea he betrayed you….(I messed around with cheats and exploring)

  30. I was a kid when i first played this and didnt understand the whole crack cocaine thing but as i got older and learn the issues in caused in poor American streets this story hit different

  31. Its crazy that i noticed these things after playing the game

  32. Ryder didn’t change on grove street till later on big smoke convinced him too

  33. Ryder brought up the Green Sabre because hes a shermhead and wasnt thinking straight

  34. Ryder wasn’t going to betray. He was actually was going to get killed by Smoke but then in the middle of the production they changed it

  35. same things make us laugh, make us cry

    Big smoke, mostly comic relief at the start that betrays you later

  36. 10:20 actually if you think about it Cj might think that these cops keep asking smoke so of course smoke will say he wont tell shjt. so this one aint that much of a 100% sign thats hes gonna betray. its gonna be mor suspicious if he didnt say anythin about these cops and why they are there.

  37. Ryder brought it up n smoke was talking like giving him the side eye telling him to STFU 👀👀

  38. 15:00 pls move the text away from the subtitles when we should listen ingame.

    For people that are not mainly english speakers, it makes it easier to understand.

  39. 13:08 uhm, am i dumb? I dont know what BS stands for.

  40. So Im guessing those cutscenes were not in the game copy I bought because Ive never seen them. The Last two that you mention depicting BS and R talking and The cops discussig next moves. Also when BS and Sweet are talking about crack on the sidewalk and other memebers playing some game.

  41. where to download gta sa? some yt vids tutorials wont work on my pc

  42. It’s actually believed that Ryder was only made a traitor late in development due to the voice actor falling out with Rockstar. That’s also why he only has two lines after he betrays you and why no one mentions him except in a few missions. It’s implied he was never meant to betray you in the initial idea.

  43. theres also a clue from early game that show smoke betrayal,

    when first time you encounter smoke at home, he came from kitchen with bats, question is?, why he is inside cj house?, why with bat?, what is he hiding at the kitchen when cj came?

  44. Im sorry this video is so long

    *looks at seven hour fifty-three minute video titled Morrowind: A Quick Retrospective*

  45. Smoke doesnt live in grove because if he did he would fill up the whole street

  46. Grove Street is against drug dealing. Damn. Would make a good 90s PSA.

    1. Sweet: Dont take drugs.
      CJ: Only bustas take drugs.

      *cut to OG LOC taking drugs and fucking dying from an overdose.*

  47. My first play through when it first came out I knew smoke and Ryder was snakes

  48. Smoke betraying homies for drug money perfectly depicts the drug trade/crack epidemic in Los Angeles that gave gangs more firepower.

  49. Just playing gta sa. Stuck at freefall. Now this is a good recommendation. Big smoke is a bs. Never really did anything for the grove.

  50. No lie this game helped me out with alot of shit on the streets and gotten me respect I didnt know existed. All because of a game lmao

  51. I figured it out during drive through because he wasn’t trying to help destroy the car

  52. Ryder was never supposed to betray Grove Street, forgot the exact reason why they changed it, I think his VA got a better role somewhere.

  53. I knew Smoke was dirty the 1st time C.R.A.S.H was at his house. He diverted from that way too quick, and along with him now living in Balla terrority was all I needed to see. Ryder was a blindside betrayal for me though.

  54. Big smoke is lord meme but a betrayer of he bros. For what cost it was about the damn money.

  55. Gta Sa was the greatest gta of them all. Well when I got my first pc i was in love with vice city but sa was the king.

  56. Yes big smokes house location did bother me for the first time playin.

  57. I’m currently reading a story of gta San Andreas on watt pad it’s little bit of rewrite but it’s mostly the same as the game as big smoke does betray the grove street but Ryder and the conversation they had at beginning of the game doesn’t happen so he remains loyal to grove steet when he and CJ get caught and force do work for Ten Penny also unlike in the game Ryder has a sister in the story named Lisa though she has to make an appearance she does have strained relationship with her bother since she doesn’t like Ryder being on the water while arguing on the phone and it is implied she is friends with CJ even though they haven’t seen each other when he went to liberty city and shes also friends Kendl and she lives somewhere on the east cost if anyone interested you find this story on watt pad

  58. In the mission Just Business, Smoke had actually set up CJ to be killed by the Russians, but it failed and they started shooting at Big Smoke, too, hence the name Just Business.

  59. Wait, so youre telling me that Big smoke and Ryder betrayed groove street because they needed money?

    Meanwhile CJ has 9 billion spending on customizing cars

  60. I never really got into gta until about last year and I have only played gta 5 and 4, and I saw the meme of “Ah shit here we go again”. I knew it was San Andreas but since I mostly played Gta 5 I thought it was Franklin and not CJ, I was confused that Franklin was in that game because I knew they used a different character every Gta.

  61. It tells a lot about the game when the lore is still talked about and popular 17 years later.

  62. I feel like Ryder originally wasn’t meant to betray Grove Street. I heard that his va had quit, and cause of that they had to kill of Ryder. It sucks that it went down like that, but to me Ryder will always be GSF

  63. Big Smoke: Ay, ay, ay, dont ask a wise man, ask a fool

    CJ: Thats what I was doin


  64. If Rockstar paid what Mc Eight wanted Ryder would never be considered a traitor,he was always helping

  65. the ballas not shooting at big smoke seems like priority targeting on the first time through.

  66. I dont see big smoke as the enemy. I just see him as the favorite drunk uncle.

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