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  1. I wish i was a part of big bang theory i love the friends relationship

  2. The drape on the couch is like that of the one in Roseanne.

  3. did he crack a joke about salivary and not get sued for that? It is really inappropriate and stupid. I am yet to see anyone cracking a joke about the holocaust without getting fired from their job, being called antisemitic and thrown in prison from something he/she did when they were 1 year old.

  4. 4:40 right there lenny should have slaped Sheldon in the face with achair

  5. Man the writers were really pushing it with the slave line

  6. Sheldon u are annoying I want to know who created young sheldon cuz ur a moron!

  7. Lord, Sheldon is such a horrible, horrible friend.

  8. That slap and what sheldon said to howard.
    This is my ghost writing cuz im prolly dead laughing

  9. As long as I watch this sitcom from random scenes, I get to think that Sheldon is more drunk than smart. And I have quite a close experience from my own life.

  10. Drunk sheldon is weird and funny .. i Would love To see sheldon high af

  11. this chair is squeaking ….oh shittttttt..he got burned so bad

  12. Shelden:Sheldon Cooper doesnt cry…
    Howard:its true you rust
    Man that was good

  13. Last scene: The southerner in Sheldon came out and Amy liked it!

  14. hey that clown guy is pop pop from marvin marvin! i had no idea he was on this show

  15. “Boy she can’t stand it when I’m right”😂😂

  16. Drunk Sheldon and Bernadettes dad is hilarious, but I cant help but think about how much he must miss his dad (

  17. whatever the idiot thinks, he is a huge failure at all the three social conditions

  18. Sheldon is stupid as hell plus+
    He funny and smart hes smart
    To much?!

  19. That smack took amys booty in the fridge faster than the speed of light

  20. 13:29
    Amy was like:im looking forward when sheldon will get drunk again HAHAHA priceless faceee

  21. 4:45 to 5:06.
    Funniest moment in all of the big bang theory seasons and episodes…

  22. Haha, Amys face after being spanked by a drunk Sheldon is just too hilarious!! She feels like a woman there lmao.

  23. The episode when Sheldon forced Leonard to wear that horrendous red sweater wasnt funny. IDK why the audience found it so. What Sheldon was doing to Leonard is abuse, considering that he bought Super Mario Bros: The Movie seven years prior .

  24. Today’s big question: what did sheldon want from the arcade?

  25. At 7:53, Sheldon’s laugh is exactly like The Joker’s!!! Would love to see him cast as treacherous villain sometime.

  26. I just realized Sheldon is the talkative genious Mr. Bean!!!

  27. Sheldon destroy Howard self esteem hahahahahaha lol XD hilarious

  28. Ill only laugh at that slaves statement because it came from my fave, Sheldon

  29. Im not going to Lebanon to return Super Mario Brothers The Movie… Lost it LOL!!!

  30. I always found Leonard to be cringy but then again a friend like him is priceless

  31. This show would’ve been way better without the studio audience

  32. Sheldon that was diabolical. Jajajaja Jajajaja 🤣

  33. In times of catastrophes , Im grateful for aliens.👽

  34. Is it just me but almost every single episodes, sheldons hands are always so freaking red….

  35. I bet once they heard the director say cut, they ALL busted out laughing.

  36. When you meet you hero’s you see they are just human. And you get disappointed.
    When you meet you enemies you see they are just human. And you get to understand them.

  37. I dont know whats funnier, the fact that he smacked her booty or the face that she liked it 😂😂😂

  38. Were you unable to consummate the marriage?

    HA!!!! Penny? NEXT!

  39. Cow tipping is just code for picking mushrooms out of cow shit and trippin Balls

    1. @Captain Hindsight I love you too. Hope you and your family are safe🙏

  40. I love leonard the way he patiently understand and love sheldon. 💝💝💖💘

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